Audi A1

80€ / day    200€ / 3 DAYS     450€ / WEEK
Security Deposit: 1000€
Transmission: Automatic, 7-speed
Seats: 4
Engine: 2.0 Turbo l4
0-60mph in: 5 sec
MSRP: $45,500
Horse Power: 176

Something about a car

The latest Audi A1 certainly ups its game from a visual perspective, and with its wide grille similar to that of the R8 supercar, the luxurious supermini looks distinctly sporty. The reality is less exciting on the road, because although the A1 handles very competently and rides well, it doesn’t have the sporty responses of its key rival the MINI. It wins back ground when it comes to refinement though, as the A1 is almost as hushed and relaxed to ride in as a Mercedes C-Class.

The interior design looks very upmarket-Audi too, but closer inspection reveals very similar materials used to the much cheaper VW Polo. Engine choice is limited, but performance is satisfactory, and with only a roomy five-door body available it’s practical too.

About the Audi A1
The second-generation Audi A1 is now only available as a five-door hatchback, which Audi refers to as a Sportback, while the higher-riding Citycarver model with its SUV-lite styling is no longer available. The previous model was available in three-door guise too, but that option is no more. A1 powertrain options are a mere shadow of what was available before, but at least there are a decent number of trim levels for customers to browse.

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