BMW M540i

350€ / day    1000€ / 3 DAYS     2200€ / WEEK
Security Deposit: 2000€
Transmission: Automatic
Seats: 5
Engine: V6, Petrol
0-60mph in: 4.7 sec
MSRP: $160,000
Horse Power: 335

Something about a car

In the heavy competition of the European mid-size sedans stands the BMW 5 Series, a lineup of class-leading vehicles. The BMW 5 Series has been around roughly since 1972. The prominent German brand worked on it year after year until we got the 2022 models as the seventh generation. There’s no reason to think the BMW will stop there, which is a good thing considering the series is high-performing and very appealing.

The series encompasses four models in total. There are 530i/540i, 530e, M550i xDrive, and M5 models. All of them stand for “a hallmark of style, powerful engineering, and luxury,” if we may quote BMW. The one that has our attention today is the BMW 540i xDrive, the trim that highlights the athletic design, high-end tech, and powerful specs the German brand put into the entire 5 Series.

If you’re looking into the BMW 540i xDrive for fun or want to make it your own, keep reading. Our comprehensive breakdown will tell you more about what’s under the hood of this luxurious sedan. We’ll also take a glance at the interior, features, and the technology included.

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